Virtual Spring Seminars



For over 47 years the Transportation & Logistics Council has become known by its mission “Education for Transportation Professionals”. One of the featured sessions at the Annual Conference each Spring and again in the Fall has been three very popular full-day seminars that we are now presenting as “Virtual Seminars”:
•            Transportation Logistics and the Law -
•            Freight Claims in Plain English
•            Contracting for Transportation and Logistics Services
All three seminars will be in an interactive format allowing for interactions with the presenter and the other attendees.
Transportation, Logistics and the Law
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

This course is designed for shippers, brokers, and carriers to provide a basic working knowledge of the laws & regulations governing the supply chain to use in their day-to-day jobs. - Completed

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Freight Claims in Plain English
Presented by Gerard F. Smith, Esq.

Based on the popular 4th Edition of Freight Claims in Plain English, authored by George Carl Pezold & William J. Augello, which is often referred to as the “Bible” on freight claims.  This is a “soup to nuts” seminar covering a wide range of issues and topics related to freight claims and freight claim recovery, such as the basics of liability for loss and damage to freight in transit, bills of lading, burdens of proof, defenses, damages, limitations of liability, time limits, liability of carriers,  freight forwarders, warehousemen, and other intermediaries. It will define the liability of a broker for negligence, negligent hiring, breach of contract or when a broker hold itself out to be a carrier.   It will explain how to can assist your customer in filing a claim against a carrier, the measure of damages, and the proof required for a claim against a carrier.

Whomever has the responsibility for dealing with freight claims, whether a manager, supervisor, or clerk, must be capable of reading, understanding, and applying different legal decisions, contracts, tariff rules, statutes, treaties, and government regulations. In addition, they must possess the attributes of an investigator, an arbitrator, a diplomat, a negotiator, and a bill collector.  This course is designed to assist claims personnel at all levels obtain the basis degree of knowledge, training, and professionalism to fulfill those responsibilities.

It is hoped that this course will better prepare you to resolve claims in a more enlightened, legalistic, and professional manner, thus reducing the need for litigation to resolve such disputes.

Tuesday April 20th through Friday April 23rd 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST
8 hour course being held in 4 sessions
Members $550 and Non-Members $650

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Contracting for Transportation and Logistics Services
Presented by Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq.

An intensive program on the practical and legal aspects of contracting for transportation and logistics services. Learn different techniques about drafting and negotiating transportation contracts, such as the “do’s” and “don’ts” of contracting.  Also included is a review of important legal principles, statutes, and regulations affecting the contracting process, as well as a "walk through," in-depth discussion of actual contract provisions, terms and conditions.
This course is for both purchasers and providers of transportation services with a focus on the contractual relationships among motor carriers, shippers, brokers and other 3PLs. Plus attendees will have a unique opportunity to discuss their specific contracting problems and issues with a knowledgeable transportation attorney.
Tuesday April 27th & Thursday April 29th 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST
Tuesday May 4th & Thursday May 6th 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST
8 hour course being held in 4 sessions
Registrants will be shipped a copy of the Course Handbook at the time of registration
Members $550 and Non-Members $650

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