International Trade

Sourcing, Selling and Shipping in 2024

December 13, 2023

12:00pm Central

90-minute Virtual Workshop

In this Transportation and Logistics Council Virtual Workshop a panel of three subject matter experts will discuss the latest developments affecting international trade.

The topics covered will include the following:


  • An introduction to the key legal entities providing international transportation services
  • The laws and regulations governing their services
  • Key changes in the ocean shipping laws under the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 (OSRA 22) as a result of the recent supply chain disruption crisis.

The market for ocean shipping has never had such a surge in demand and outrageous price increase in the history of containerization.

  • How does a shipper manage through stabilization?
  • What lessons have been learned or should have been learned?
  • Pillars that should remain true – resiliency, flexibility and relationships.
  • Focus always must remain to protect your supply chain and drive predictable delivery.

Sourcing, selling and shipping:

  • Tightening up the supply chain – nearshoring/friendshoring
  • Recent and pending changes in Custom’s de minimis rule for imports to the US
  • Keeping up with export sanctions   
  • Shipping with more transparency imposed onto the supply chain:
  • Do you know who does what in your supply chain? 


Rennie Alston, CEO, American River Group of Companies


Andrew M. Danas, Partner, Grove, Jaskiewicz and Cobert, LLP

Marianne Rowden, CEO, E-Merchants Trade Council, Inc.

Jerrod Slaughter, Sr. Director of Global Logistics, KEEN Inc.

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