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Dedicated to serving the interests of the shipping community

To our visitors and members:

The Transportation & Logistics Council is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to serving the interests of the shipping community through education and representation in issues relating to the transportation of goods. Virtually anyone that is directly or indirectly involved in transportation, distribution, logistics, purchasing, shipping, risk management, insurance, cargo inspection and surveying, loss prevention, packaging, customer service, consulting and legal services can benefit from membership.

Regular membership is limited to shippers, as well as brokers, third-party logistics providers and service providers that principally represent the interests of the shipping public. This is in keeping with the Council’s traditional role of representing shippers, large and small, in matters involving legislation and government regulation of the transportation industry.

Associate membership is open to carriers, freight forwarders and their representatives, and Associates have all the benefits of Regular membership except the right to vote in Council matters. In addition, the Council offers a limited 1-Year Non-member Introductory Subscription to the TransDigest (by E-Mail).

The Council’s Annual Conference, held in the spring each year, is recognized as one of the best educational programs offered anywhere in the country. Optional full-day seminars are offered before the conference, and the conference program is comprised of two and one-half days of general sessions and workshops that cover specific areas of transportation and logistics. Leading experts in the field and experienced transportation attorneys present practical information that members can use and apply in their day-to-day work. Two evenings of sponsored hospitality suites and the President’s Reception give the members an invaluable opportunity to network with other transportation professionals.

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