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SAVE THE DATE – 50th Annual Conference. March 18, 2024- March 20, 2024


Cybersecurity in Transportation & Logistics

July 12, 2024 12:00pm Central

Supply Chain Security

Why should you be worried about security?  Transportation theft, pilferage and other events that disrupt the supply chain cost shippers and carriers millions of dollars every year.  Leading experts will discuss:


  • Cargo Theft: the scope of the big problem that’s discussed too little
  • Analysis and identification of the threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Selection of the right processes, procedures and protections
  • Technologies for securing premises and cargo
  • Protection against fictitious pick-ups, identity theft and cyber theft
  • Role of law enforcement

Freight Claims Q&A VI

By popular demand the Transportation & Logistics Council will be presenting another Freight Claims Q&A. Our panel of subject matter experts will once again tackle the day-to-day tough situations faced by transportation and claims professionals.

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Transportation Insurance – What You Need to Know

Insurance policies comes in many sizes, shapes and colors, but they only have one thing in common – expensive premiums.  Have you ever examined the real risks from accidents, theft, freight loss or damage that could hurt your business?  Have you ever read through your insurance policies to see whether they really address those risks?

This workshop will cover:

  • Transportation insurance basics and definitions
  • Motor carrier and surface freight forwarder insurance
  • Freight broker and 3PL insurance
  • Shipper interest insurance

Experts will explain the kinds of insurance products that are available, what they cover and what they don’t, and give their recommendations as to what coverage you need to have and require from your service providers to protect your interests.

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Freight Charges – What You Need to Know
Some of the most common disputes among shippers, brokers and carriers involve freight charges, but few people understand the laws, regulations and basic principles that govern the responsibility and liability for payment of transportation services. Panelists will discuss the bill of lading terms (prepaid, collect, bill to third party), issues when freight forwarders, brokers or 3PL’s are involved – the “double payment” problem, time limits for disputed claims, freight pre-audit, post-audit and payment services, and legal liability of shippers, consignees and intermediaries.
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Intermodal Transportation – What You Need to Know
Have you ever watched a train go by that is over a mile long with and carries over 100 trailers or containers? A major portion of the nation’s freight moves just this way every day. Intermodal movements not only involve multiple parties, but are subject to laws, rules, practices and liabilities that are different from over-the-road trucking. Panelists will give an overview of the intermodal industry, the role of motor carriers, railroads, drayage agents, intermodal marketing companies and other intermediaries, and subjects like liability for cargo loss and damage.
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Cross-Border Shipments – What You Need to Know

Canada and Mexico are our largest trading partners and thousands of cross-border shipments move every day. This workshop will cover the differences between the laws and regulations governing shipments to and from our neighbors as well as the practices and procedures that you need to know to ensure an efficient supply chain for these goods and avoid potential problems. Panelists will cover cargo liability under U.S., Canadian and Mexican law and bills of lading, the rules governing Canadian and Mexican carriers operating in the U.S., and discuss subjects like cargo insurance, documentation and customs duties.
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Motor Carrier Freight Claims – What You Need To Know
Freight loss and damage costs both shippers and carriers millions of dollars every year. Even though the great majority of shipments arrive in time and in good order and condition, shippers need to know what to do when something happens. This workshop will focus on:
  •  What are the first steps?
  •  What are the requirements for filing a claim?
  •  What are the critical legal issues?

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The session will focus on the following questions:
  • How does one investigate the facts of a claim?
  • How does one determine the responsible party?
  • How does one prepare a claim?
  • What is the measure of damages for a claim?
  • How does one negotiate and settle a claim?
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Bills of Lading have been used for the transportation of goods for centuries. In the absence of some other formal transportation agreement, the Bill of Lading, is the “Contract of Carriage” and governs the legal relationship between the shipper and the carrier. Yet few people that use them rarely even look at them or really understand how important they are.

Every mode of transport has its own different versions of bills of lading – truck, ocean, air and intermodal. Three leading attorneys will give you a “tour” of typical bills of lading for each mode, What they look like and how they should be used. They will explain how the “contract of carriage”, together with the applicable laws, treaties and tariffs, govern carrier liability and some of the ”traps and pitfalls” for the unwary user.


This TLC Virtual Workshop was focused on one of the most controversial issues with which claims professionals have to deal – limitations on a carrier’s liability for loss and damage to cargo.

  • What are liability limitations and how do carriers limit their liability?
  • What are the differences between domestic, international and cross-border shipments with Mexico and Canada?
  • How and when do motor carrier and surface freight forwarder liability limits apply?
  • How and when do air carrier and air freight forwarder liability limits apply?
  • How and when do ocean carrier and NVOCC liability limits apply?
  • What can be the consequences if a broker or intermediary makes the arrangements?

Capacity Crunch – Exploring Solutions 
The Capacity Crunch is with us and it is impacting all modes – truck, rail, intermodal, parcel, air and ocean.  This TLC Virtual Workshop will address how it is affecting domestic and international commerce and will focus on exploring possible solutions to get your freight moving. We will also take a look at how State and Federal actions are helping (or NOT helping) the situation.
Bill Cassidy, Senior Editor of The Journal of Commerce, will moderate a panel of experts representing a major motor carrier, a third-party logistics provider, an international importer and an intermodal marketing company.

As a follow up to the Council’s Special Edition Virtual Workshop “Freight Claims – Questions & Answers on January 27th the panel of experts will tackle some of the “Tough Questions” that claims professionals have to deal with, including:
•            SL&C – Dropped Trailers
•            Delay & Special Damages
•            What is “Actual Loss”
•            Paperless & No-Touch Deliveries
•            Food Security – Broken or Missing Seals
•            Reefer Shipments.

LTL Pricing – What You Need to Know!
Density, Dimensional or Classification?

The LTL trucking industry continues to move toward new pricing methodologies. Major LTL carriers have instituted dimensional weight or density-related pricing. The NMFC continues to reclassify more articles with density-based classifications. Don Newell, a leading expert, will explain how these pricing methods work, their potential impact on freight rates and charges, and what shippers need to know to avoid surprises when the freight bill arrives.
What will you learn?
  • Tech advances that support density-based initiatives
  • Where dimensional pricing stands and where might it be going
  • How the NMFC is changing and how that will impact LTL rates

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As a follow up to the Council’s Special Edition Virtual Workshop “Transportation Insurance – What You Need to Know” on May 19th this Virtual Workshop will answer questions like: “Why can’t I get insurance?” and “Why are my premiums so high?
Behind the scenes – and for over 85 years Central Analysis Bureau has gathered, analyzed and provided the data and information used by most all of the nation’s insurers and underwriters to assess the risks when writing polices and determine the premiums charged to motor carriers and transportation service providers. Jean Gardner, CEO and Chad Krueger, Sr. VP of CAB will explain where this data comes from, how insurers and underwriters may use it, and how you can benefit by understanding what impacts risk assessment in this volatile market.


“What You Need to Know About Brokers” presented by a panel of 4 leading experts. Transportation attorney Brent Wm. Primus  will ask  our panelists “the tough questions” on using a broker and how to select one that is best suited for you.

The inspiration for this session was the Shipper’s Panel at the 2019 Transportation Intermediaries Association  (TIA)  Annual Meeting.  This was comprised of four shippers who gave their thoughts about using brokers and also answered questions from brokers in the audience.  The goal of the session is to facilitate mutual understanding by shippers of brokers…and by brokers of shippers…in the common goal of getting shippers’ products safely to market.

What you will learn:

Advantages and disadvantages of using a broker rather then directly contracting with a motor carrier.
Developing guidelines for your company for selecting a broker


Most everybody has homeowners, auto liability or health insurance, but few have ever even looked at the policy – until something happens like a tree falling on your house. Unfortunately the same is true for transportation insurance, and often there are surprises.
This 2-hour Special Edition Virtual Workshop on May 19, 2021 at 1:00pm EST is all about Transportation Insurance and will cover three areas:

Transportation insurance basics and definitions

Motor carrier insurance
Freight broker and 3PL insurance

The panel of leading experts will explain the kinds of insurance products that are available, what they cover and what they don’t, and give their recommendations as to what coverage you should have and what coverage you should require from your service providers to protect your interests. 

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This course will provide an overview of the regulatory requirements applicable to hazardous materials shipments. Steven Charles Hunt, a well-known consultant, educator and leading expert on Hazardous Materials will explain:
  • What are hazardous materials (also known as “dangerous goods”)?
  • How do you know what they are?
  • What are the basic rules, regulations and laws?
  • Domestic shipments – truck, rail and air
  • International shipments – air, ocean and cross-border
  • Penalties for non – compliance with regulations!
  • How you can get help 

 Cargo damage and “shortages” due to theft and pilferage cost shippers and carriers millions every year. Experts will discuss how to avoid or minimize such losses. And, when losses do occur – how damages can be mitigated by prompt action including inspection, repair and salvage. Also covered will be issues involving foods, product liability, brand and trademark considerations.

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COVID-19 has completely changed the transportation and distribution of goods in the United States. Many traditional habits, practices, laws and regulations no longer “fit” what is happening and even the structure of the industry has changed. Leading experts discuss what they foresee and the challenges that lie ahead. 

Topics will include:
·        The New Administration – Policies? Regulations?
·        The big are getting bigger – acquisitions and mergers
·        Drivers – independent contractors or employees?
·        Costs of transportation – wages & benefits, fuel, congestion
·        Warehousing space and new distribution centers
·        “Outsourcing” transportation & logistics functions

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Five leading transportation professionals and attorneys will take questions from the audience on the filing, recovery and defending of claims for loss and damage to cargo in transit.

Topics include:
o   Evidence and documentation
o   The role of the Bill of Lading
o   Concealed Damage
o   Filing a claim with your own cargo insurance policy

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AMTR is the nation’s premier provider of after-payment freight auditing services. We work with shippers to recover overcharges and reduce future freight spend using a Smart Auditing® approach which is built on a foundation of expert auditors enabled by leading-edge IT tools and proprietary knowledge-based discovery processes.

AMTR works on a contingency basis and as such receives a percentage of the overpayments we recover for you. As such, our service never costs – only pays! We have been in the business 35+ years and serve a variety of Fortune 100/500 clients.

Cargo Salvage Claims

CSC was founded in 1992 by CEO/owner Donna Wyss after working Hurricane Andrew.  Donna has over 40 years’ experience in the Insurance, Retail, Wholesale and Salvage Industry.  CSC prides our company on Diligence, Integrity, Quality Sales and Service for our  customers.
Increase your salvage returns. Our services span across many descriptions: Cargo Damage, Derailments, Temperature, Fire, Theft, Shortages, Overages and Time Sensitive Freight.
We maintain a large and diverse database of potential buyers throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Our buyers include Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturers. We are continually expanding this network to remain competitive in the Industry.

NorthAmerican Transportation Association

NorthAmerican Transportation Association is a nationwide transportation-related association that was founded in 1989. Its members generally consist of small to medium private and for-hire carriers all across the United States covering a variety of diverse businesses all in the transportation-related field.
Our goal is to empower our members with updated State and Federal knowledge of regulations We are committed to improving driver safety and eliminating risks before they interfere with our members businesses.
We try to bring to the table various benefits and services that our members can use on a daily basis to make their jobs and lower their business risks not only more attainable but also sustainable.

Sponsored by TranSolutions, LLC a subsidiary of MercuryGate

MercuryMyEZClaim is a private cloud-based Software used by 74,000+ companies and 5000+ users worldwide. The SaaS application allows customers to manage cargo claims, OS&D incidents, carrier claims, vendor claims and overcharge claims through a streamlined process utilizing work management software designed to create claims, automate follow-up task/alerts, and scheduled reports. 

TSI is offering all participants a free no cost no commitment 90-day MercuryMyEZClaim trial offer. Please email for more information. 

ABF Freight – An ArchBest Company
ArcBest® delivers integrated logistics solutions for a variety of supply chain challenges. Our offerings include less-than-truckload services via the ABF Freight® network, ground expedite solutions through Panther Premium Logistics®, household moving under the U-Pack® brand and vehicle maintenance and repair from FleetNet America®. From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, our customers trust and rely on ArcBest for their transportation and logistics needs.


Conference – May 1 – 3, 2023
49th Annual Conference at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa, San Diego, CA 
Seminars will be offfered on Sunday April 30, 2023

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