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Freight Claims: Back to the Basics Recording (Member)



August 16, 2023

In this CCPAC and TL&C Virtual Workshop a team of Certified Claims Professionals will provide practical advice for anyone who deals with claims for loss and damage. The workshop is designed to provide a broad overview of the claims process.  This is a unique opportunity to see a panel of freight claims experts discussing many of the topics that are found in the landmark text, Freight Claims in Plain English (4th Ed.).

Topics will include:

  • Freight claims fundamentals: what is a freight claim, the Carmack Amendment, preparation and filing of claims, burdens of proof,
  • Claim Investigation and timelines: how to investigate, who to file against, time limits and concealed damage,
  • Carrier’s claim defenses: unpaid freight bills, “clean” bill of lading or delivery receipt, insufficient packaging, improper documentation, measure of damages – invoice value or manufacturers cost.

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